Quotes – 2019

How To Wonder Like A Child…

This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before. - Maya Angelou

child-like wonder

A wonderful day it is. A wonderful time to be alive. Do we view each moment with wonder and in wonder? If not, what's keeping us from it? Really, what is it that keeps us from fully arriving at right now? It's our distracted mind, which is ever abuzz with the thought of the moment. We stay in our heads and much to our detriment. Is there a way out? One way is to consciously operate more from our 'heart' region instead of always residing in our brain. Try it, just drop down to the heart and see what happens...

Quotes – 2019

Where To Find Untold Treasure?

…as we learn to stop and see in a habitual and sustained way, our eyes are opened to the countless treasures that lie right here within our reach, which can fill our hearts with untold joy and deep peace. - Ruben Habito


Is it really true? Does it pay to always be here and now? Our human minds don't buy this logic. The truth is that the treasure to be found here and now can only be realized when we genuinely learn how to be fully present. Being fully present means that we're just being, and experiencing what's going on. It means that we're not creating thoughts about what's going on. And when we do this and get good at it then nothing but a blissful peace is the initial result. More eventually unfolds which includes amazing creativity and an all-encompassing sense of oneness...

Quotes – 2019

What’s Our True Nature?

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. - The Buddha

we're the sky

We're like the sky. We are the capacity for all that we experience. That includes the objects and events 'out there', it also includes our body, feelings and even our mind (we're not our minds). Within this spacious capacity that we're calling 'the sky' we focus on the clouds and birds, the 'arisings' that make up our lives. And we love to hold onto certain kinds of clouds, the ones we can't let go, those are our 'fixations'. And these clouds, our thoughts, our fixations, is what we make ourselves to be. But we're really the sky itself, that spacious quality of beingness, that allows all clouds and birds to appear just as they are.