Quotes – 2019

Why Become Love?

Your Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the World. - Ramana Maharishi

become love

Our first priority must be self. When we discover who we really are and find peace only then can we be of any real service to the World. Until then we're grasping for light in the darkness. Once attuned to the Divine within, we become another conduit for Love to flow through us. We become love, which is the divine directive and the only worthwhile occupation on Earth.

Quotes – 2019

Now is You…

You cannot be 'in' our 'out' of the Now. You are the Now. - Jeff Foster

now it is...

Only nowness is what's going on. And in the nowness 'I' am the only subject. Without this 'I' witnessing all objects and events, nothing is. So 'I' am necessary for my world to exist. My world is the only world that can ever be known to me, and therefore for the world to exist, I must be. The world is in this Now, my world is Now, I am the World and Now.

Quotes – 2019

Matters of the Heart…

We must become calm. If you don't know what to do, do nothing. - Maya Angelou


The other day I was watching this moving documentary called 'The Power of the Heart' during which Maya uttered the words above. The story's about what heart-centeredness offers us a society and an individual. And her point was that to leverage the power of the heart we must become calm. And if we don't know how to do that then she suggests that we 'do nothing'.