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The Prodigal Must Turn Back…

All the waters run to the sea and yet the sea is not full, and from the place where they began, thither they return again. Ecclesiastes 1.7

time to head home

It’s way past 10 PM, it’s late night and time to head back home. Our parents await our return and will rest not until we do. Do we heed their call? Are we not lost? Is it not time to find our way back home?

What Is Real Freedom? [July, 4th, 2019]

The Truth will set you free. John 8.32

freedom = fearless love

Real freedom is the ability to dance with fear in the midst of it. It’s freedom from any expectations of another. Freedom from caring about what others think about me. Authentic freedom is the ability to pursue Truth relentlessly. Being able to live with abandon, courage and in fearless love is the truest freedom.

Try Something Different, Surrender…

Be crumbled so that wildflowers will come up where you are. You have been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender. Rumi


The assertion of self calcifies the unreal into seeming reality. This self-hypnosis is stultifying and the very cause of our ever-present suffering. It’s time to break this mold and allow the self to collapse into the sweet-nothingness of love itself. It’s time to surrender…

Why Play Small?

You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone. Amit Ray

never alone

We ought to have no worries at all. We’re made of god-substance. Each and everyone one of us. And that’s why we’re connected, always, and at the deepest level. So why don’t we experience this oneness? It’s because for some reason we’ve decided to play this game of being little, being nothing, being alone and being scared. What if we discovered that this was all a grand illusion, just a playful activity of the divine, that is us?