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Here’s How to Be Here and Now…

Just laugh.Papaji


Life means for us to just be happy. And what better way to be happy than by just laughing? Laughing boosts our immune system, relieves pain, reduces depression and lengthens our lives! More importantly while we’re laughing, we’re not generating thoughts and therefore are fully present in the here and now!

What Must We Seek First?

You need offer only undivided attention. Everything else will be given you.ACIM

become now

We’re distracted by our creations that surround us. While it can be fun and games, it’s also a house of cards, it’ll eventually all come crashing down. So how do we seek and become the permanent, that which always is? How do we come back home? By only seeking and putting our constant attention on that which is, here and now.

The Greatest Imperative of Our Times…

Start by being in love and end in becoming love.Osho

become love

Becoming love must be our only goal. Might sound preposterous in the wake of life as we live it on this planet! What about making a living and safety for my family, you might ask? Here’s the thing, if God exists and if we have even an ounce of faith in his providence then we must do only what matters. Only love matters. We must become love.

Here’s The Way Back to Safety…

Resign now as your own teacher.ACIM


We think we know what’s going on. And we act as though we know what to do with our lives. The truth is that we have no real clue. We live in an illusory maze of a world. We must give up all pretense of knowing and become like children so that we can get back to safety, at home, with our divine parent. Our divine teacher is ever available to help us when we’re ready.

It’s Time To Claim Our Inheritance!

All power is within you. Stand up and express the divinity within you. – Vivekananda

stand up!

We are children of the Divine! Breathe in and fully comprehend what this means. We are children of the Divine, bears repeating. We’re invulnerable and eternally safe from any harm whatsoever. Let’s throw off the coat of fear and rise-up in the powerful exuberance of a son and daughter of God!

Get Rid of Any Dis-Ease…

Bring awareness to it… –

embrace it

Most times an uncomfortable moment, an unsavory truth or an unpalatable trauma is denied or resisted by us. The result is that the incident is never fully processed by our psyche. If we do this enough times the result is often mental and/or physical dis-ease. Whether it’s buried deep in our sub-conscious or something we deal with on a daily basis, the only way to fully process it and thus rid of it, is to bring conscious awareness to it. We ought to become fully aware of it and let it do its thing within us. If fear or anxiety is what we feel, let it happen, don’t push against it, let it have its sway over us. Then after a few times, just like the ripples in a pond, the emotional charge will dissipate and eventually this discomfort will disappear.

Get Rid of Anxiety by Becoming Love…

There is no fear in perfect love.ACIM

become love

Whenever ‘we’ experience fear it means that we’re not operating from our essence. Our true essence swims in love and is nothing but love itself. The only means of getting rid of anxiety and depression, which is fear of Life and Truth, is through practicing love. Truth be said, we can’t practice love if we’re love itself. So all we have to do is to become the love that we already are.