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It’s Time to Wake Up!

All shall be well…Lady Julian of Norwich


The Divine is what’s going on. God’s will is playing out. We all are, and all this is, a part of her cosmic play. We just need to step back and disengage from being such involved actors in this grand production. And when we do that, we can awaken from this stupor. Awaken to who we truly are, divine children of the ancient one. The time has come! Wake up!

How To Experience Eternity…

The only aspect of time which is really eternal is now.ACIM

the eternal now

Time is illusory. Certainly it is relative. Kids have a very different experience of time versus adults. People on vacation will enjoy time while those in prison might suffer through it. All this variation in our experience has everything to do with time being a mental construct. And this brings us to eternity. Eternity isn’t an endless number of years, which is why many dread it. It is the absence of time. Eternity can be experienced when all sense of time is lost. And such an experience can readily be had when we arrive squarely into the Now. Beyond all thought, is the Now, an experience of eternity.

Happiness Is Simple, Here’s How…

Happiness arises when we want what we have. How simple. David Bhodan

be ok with what is

When we’re completely ok with what is, then unfathomable peace arises. We can still attempt to change what needs to be changed; but if we must maintain that peace then we can’t be attached to the outcomes of our efforts. Peace is an inside job, it’s really quite simple.

May Some Dreams Never Come True…

Life is not so unkind as to allow all your dreams to be fulfilled. Mooji

god’s will

Only God’s will is. Yes even the seemingly unsavory stuff that happens is God’s will, unfolding. One solitary and separated mind, which is us, can never know what’s good for the entire universe. Which is why not all our dreams will come true, we simply don’t know what’s good for us and everyone around us. Only God’s will is.

Why Fear Is Unnecessary…

The word “within” is unnecessary. The kingdom of heaven is you.ACIM

god’s creation

We are God’s own creation, within and without. All that we see, experience and are, is God’s stuff. If we can buy this idea, then what can we be afraid of? We’re here on a grand adventure that takes us all the way home. And we get closer to the Truth when we can banish fear and become love. That’s when the adventure can truly begin!

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift?

Teach only love, for that is what you are.ACIM

teach love

Teaching something in the Course’s lingo means to model and exhibit that quality. Teaching love means to become love, which is our very essence. And when we ‘do’ that, we awaken the love-filled center of the ‘other’. The torch of love is thus passed on limitlessly. Turns out, that’s our only real purpose here on earth, to teach love, to become it.