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Just Be Quiet…

Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation.Rumi

be quiet

The creator is beyond all concepts, beliefs or thinking. Therefore the most effective way to approach her is through silence. Be quiet in all manner of ‘speaking’! Be silent and receptive. In that deep silence she reveals her majesty, her loveliness and takes us for a plunge into eternity. It’s a never ending journey flush with love, bubbling with joy and a peace that truly is beyond all understanding.

What Is True Devotion?

True devotion means becoming the hand of the Divine.Sadhguru

a conduit

If there’s a God, wouldn’t it make sense to know what she’s thinking and how she views us? Would it also not make sense to understand and to do the Divine will? It would behoove us to be conduits, the hands and eyes of the Universal Intelligence for everyone’s greater good. And that’s our real purpose on this planet.

Some Essential Life Questions…

What I see reflects what I think I am.ACIM


Many, including scientists, now think that we live in a VR world, originally referred to as ‘Maya‘ by ancient Hindu yogis. The world we see and experience is said to reflect our longings, desires, beliefs and inclinations that we bring into this world from the core of reality. Who are we really? And what are we doing here? What is this all about? Are there any answers available? Where can we start looking?

How To Be Most Real…

When you are afraid, be still and know that God is real.ACIM

just be still

Feeling fear? Just be still. Know that you’re an offspring of the Divine. We spring from Reality, that which is, and we become a manifested play of that same reality. We have naught to worry about. Once we lose fear from our being, we’ll experience the Love that’s our very basis. We can then start living our life purpose which is to be love in every life situation.

To Banish Fear, Just Love…

Fear condemns, and love forgives.ACIM

only love is

Fear hurts. Is angry. It’s uncertain. Fear controls. Is impatient. Never trusts. Always complains. Isn’t satisfied. Fear is anxious. Never complete.

Love accepts. Is full. Always forgives. Will wait. Ever gracious. Complete. Will listen. Love serves. Is joyful. And satiated. Love. Just. Is.

How To Be Truly Safe…

Try to feel safety surrounding you, hovering over you, and holding you up.ACIM

safe already

We’re safe simply because we’re God’s offspring. Truth is simple, and that we’re safe, and have always been safe, is Truth. Recognition of this fact is all we need, today, to banish all worry and fear, forever! What would I do if I knew that I AM always safe?

‘Who Am I ?’ Here’s An Answer…

It is through knowing who you are not that the greatest obstacle to knowing who you are is removed.Eckhart Tolle


I am not my finger. Why? Because ‘I’ can perceive it. I am not my skin, my head or feet for the same reason. I am not what I sense. I am not what I feel. I am not my emotions. Why? Again, because ‘I’ can perceive my emotions. Ditto for ‘my’ thoughts. So what am I? What’s left of ‘me’? ‘I’ just am. I AM.