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Why God’s Will, and Not Mine?

The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to God. Urantia Papers

god’s will

It’s always suggested that we do God’s will? Who’s God and why her will? What’s wrong with my will? I struggled with this question for a long time. After many travails and life experiences it finally dawned me. We experience a separate life from essential reality, i.e. God. Only the Universal Will knows what’s best for all of us. I certainly don’t. Also, my true nature is of God, and therefore when we attempt to do God’s will we’re attempting to live and demonstrate our own true will. It’s the only gift of any value we can ‘give’ back to the Whole.

How To Find and Experience God!

Faith is the open door for entering into the present, perfect, and eternal love of God. Urantia Papers

now, love

Life is now, not in our remembered past or projected future. We can never arrive into the present moment as long as thoughts rage in our active minds. Faith is accepting something as being true without first experiencing it as truth. Such is the faith required to enter fully into the Now. Here we can palpably experience God’s presence which is Love. Our being-ness (not discernible via thinking) is made of God-substance. That’s how close God, Love, is. Rejoice!!

Why We Must Never Grow Up!

Adults are obsolete children. Dr. Seuss


We lose our innocence once we’re kids no more. So sad. Life becomes serious and worrisome. Happiness and fun is only experienced fleetingly. Where did we go wrong? I think we became too smart for our own good. We understood a bit too much about life. We lost our innocent faith in goodness. Thus we became too tame. Let’s shake off this ridiculous mask of adult-hood. And, regain the innocent awe and wonder of a child that trusts its divine parent no matter what!

Herein Lies The Peace of God…

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. a course in miracles

‘the peace of god’

The peace of God lies within us. It is us. Our essence, our true ‘I’-ness, can never be threatened, it always is, we always are, I AM. Everything else changes constantly and therefore is not ultimately real. To claim this peace that we are, we must re-identify with that which is real, that which is us, I AM.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

[acim] Do We Really Want The Truth?

It is there, wherever you are, being within you. a course in miracles

‘being within you’

Imagine wearing a futuristic pair of VR glasses that provide an experience of virtual-reality that’s as real as it can get. With those glasses on, our body could be sitting somewhere and not moving at all. The experience due to the glasses could have us hurtling through a tunnel, in a fast moving car that’s avoiding going out of control on an icy road. After just a little while it would be easy to forget that we have these fancy glasses on. And it would be easy to completely slip into the character that we are, within that VR world. While still seated on a piece of furniture our entire world within the VR could be topsy-turvy, violent and very colorful.

Someone within the VR might ask us, ‘Where is Reality?’ How might we respond to that question? What do we have to do to re-discover reality? Do we really want to exit the VR? Some questions to ponder as we ruminate on our life on this planet and at this point in Time and Space…

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

How To Come Back Home…

And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. T. S. Eliot

here and now

We decided to get out there and explore. And so we did. It’s been a very long time and now we’re weary and have had enough. But we’ve lost our way, we don’t know where home is. Home is here, right where we started, and right now. The journey, the adventure we undertook was real in Time and in Space. But our home is beyond these two, beyond all concepts, in the timeless Now, in the very presence of All That Is.

[acim] How To Rediscover Truth…

Truth is restored to you through your desire, as it was lost to you through your desire for something else. a course in miracles

a better way

What we truly want is what we experience in our lives. When we realize that this world and its experiences will never truly satisfy us, we are then ready to rediscover the truth that we are. We will begin to experience peace, love, joy and happiness when we desire truth more than anything else.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles