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Here Is Who I AM…

You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now… Richard Bach

my self

Beyond thought, any concept, belief or assumption is who I AM. And this true self can only be experienced in the here and now. When I deeply desire for Truth, it has no choice but to become my experience, although I’m unable to run away from it even if I think I can.

A Simple Hack To Freedom, Now!

To become free, your attention must be drawn to the ‘I Am’, the witness. Nisargadatta

be the ‘i am’, think not…

We are not our body, or our mind. We are that which experiences everything that appears to be happening to us and around us. We’re the witness which is also the sense of ‘I AMness’, the beingness. Just be that. Think not.

Let It Come By Letting Go…

…if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me… Rumi

let it come, let go

We’re grasping for what we think we need. Happiness, safety, wealth, relationship, peace and quiet. All this will come on its own if we simply be infinitely patient. With such patience we’ll simply fall quiet, be relaxed and the stillness of the deepest ocean will descend upon us.

Let go completely and simply wait, Grace will have no choice but to consume us in its utterly merciful love.

What To Remember on Memorial Day?

Though our feelings come and go. God’s love for us does not. C.S. Lewis

Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day in the United States. During this day each year we remind ourselves and are thankful for the service men/women of USA.

I think we can use this reminder to remember God, not just today but every day, not just daily but often during each waking hour. Why? Because there’s no greater vocation that we can undertake. We must be on a quest to deeply understand and experience ultimate reality. Such a reality is another name for God. That oneness that underpins all that goes on, All That Is.