Quotes – 2019

No-Thing But God…

I am the Lord and there is nothing else... - Isaiah 45:5

god is

God (or ultimate reality) is. We move and have our being in God. There's only one thing going on and that's God. Know this and relax into Divinity's arms, all's well.

Quotes – 2019

This Life Purpose Delivers Peace…

We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought. - Eckhart Tolle

awareness itself

We are not our thoughts. Then what are we? We're deeper than our thoughts. We're not our minds either. We're deeper than that. We're that which is conscious of what's going on. We're that to which objects and events appear.

Quotes – 2019

Why We Can Chill…

Wherever you are to be, you shall be; whoever you are to meet, you shall meet; whatever you're to say, you shall say, and what you are to accomplish, is already done. - Buddha

all is well

There's a great design, a play, a master act with innumerable players, underway. This drama is ultimately guided and directed by the Divine. We, individuals, are not apart from the Divine. Our job, or our acting part, is exactly what we deliver on a daily basis. And we're fully capable because we are the chosen ones. Especially when we wake up to fully volunteer in this grand undertaking, we can know that we're where we need to be. And that all is in the gentle and loving hands of our all-wise and merciful creator.