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The Purpose of Time…

Time, this moment, exists but for one purpose, to express love. – Namaste Now!


Time exists but for one purpose. For us to rediscover the love that we are, being an integral part of the Godhead. We’re on a journey back to God and the way back is through love. The earlier we grasp this Truth, the better and easier our life on Earth becomes. Just love and be love, all else is added as necessary.

We’re Safe And Protected Everywhere…

Everything happens for you, not to you. Byron Katie


The Universe is a completely safe and inviting place. We’re not alone and unprotected. We’re an integral part-and-parcel of this alive and dynamic divine creation. We are the Universe. If we accept this essential truth then we can actually experience and enjoy being safe and loved in any environment and anywhere.

Do This To Be Fully Present…

You cannot be present unless you become friendly with the present moment. Eckhart Tolle

love this

So how can we be friendly with ‘Now’? Here are some ways I do it…

Be happy with the way ‘my’ body is right now. Be good with my physical surroundings. Love the situation I find ‘my’-self in. I’ve processed all that might have been bothering me. I’ve done what I could do and decide to totally arrive here and now. In other words I love the totally of what’s going on inside ‘me’ and out there.

Do This For Endless Happiness…

Love what is. Love who is. Be Love. – Namaste Now!

only love

Love What Is = Be more than ok with whatever is transpiring. We are now perfectly prepared to take whatever action is necessary and natural. In fact perfect action will flow from such a place of acceptance.

Love Who Is = Appreciate and pay close attention to the humans around us. They are what matters.

Be Love = By loving what is and loving who’s around us, we become nothing but love. There’s no better way of being. Life is good, here and now. Always.

The Prodigal Must Turn Back…

All the waters run to the sea and yet the sea is not full, and from the place where they began, thither they return again. Ecclesiastes 1.7

time to head home

It’s way past 10 PM, it’s late night and time to head back home. Our parents await our return and will rest not until we do. Do we heed their call? Are we not lost? Is it not time to find our way back home?