Quotes – 2018

What Story Will We Paint Today?

You don't see others the way they are. You see them the way you are. The painter is inseparable from the painting. - Scott Kiloby

painting relationships

We paint others with the broad brush of our own life experiences. And because we stay mostly lost in our own thoughts, we know others only via our stories about them. Are our stories about them true? Are any of the stories that we spin up true?

Quotes – 2018

What Do We Experience Daily?

People experience their thoughts about life more than they experience real life. - Gina Lake


Are we living our entire life in and via thoughts? If so we're missing out on what's actually going on. Are we ready to enjoy and experience Life as it is? Then we must learn to get out of our heads as much as is possible.

Quotes – 2018

Happiness, Where Art Thou?

Many search for happiness as we look for a hat we wear on our heads. - Nikolaus Lenau


We have it, actually we are it. Don't believe me? Get out of your head, remove yourself from the thinking mind, and you'll experience the happiness that you already are...