Quotes – 2018

How To Experience God, and Love…

So god, or whatever name you give it, is when you are not. When you are, it is not. When you are not, love is. When you are, love is not. - J. Krishnamurti

me, not

What does this quote really mean? What does Krishnamurti mean by 'you'? He's referring to our egoic mind, our thinking mind, which established a false sense of self as us. It's this same self that always wants to be right and can never be left alone. When we lose our thoughts and discover our self-aware, self-reflecting self, our beingness, then that's exactly what JK's talking about. That beingness is love, is god. We are it, except not the 'we' we normally think we are.

Quotes – 2018

Who Are We Really?

The sunbeam sparkles only in the sunlight, and the ripple dances as it rests upon the ocean. - A Course in Miracles

the beam, the wave?

We sparkle and we think we're the beam, while we're really the Sun. We dance as the wave thinking we rock, when it's really the Ocean that's making the dance possible. Soon enough the beam vanishes and the wave disappears, all without a trace. So who are we really?

Quotes – 2018

How To Just Be Who We Are

Think less, be more... - NamasteNow!

just be = true nature

How to just be? Don't listen, be the listening of any sound. Don't hear, be the hearing instead. Don't see, experience the seeing itself. Don't touch, be the touching. Don't just taste the food, be the experience of tasting. When we can just be like this, no thoughts are being generated, we just are... It's a fabulously peaceful experience. That's our true nature, who we are.