Quotes – 2018

Getting Bored? Then Don’t Do This…

If you're alone and getting bored, obviously you're in bad company. - Sadhguru

distraction central

We can't stand our own company. And the proof of that is that we won't just sit and do nothing. We must constantly distract ourselves. What are we running from? What are we afraid to discover if we let ourselves just be? What's going on here? We owe it to ourselves to investigate.

Quotes – 2018

Want Real Courage? Then Live Like This…

A person with outward courage dares to die; one with inward courage dares to live. - Lao Tzu

real living

Searching for and finding the meaning of life. Finding purpose in daily living. Facing our obvious fears and discovering, then facing our implicit ones. Understanding why we suffer. Correcting our incorrect thinking patterns. Understanding the futility of being in the rat race. Learning how to be happy and content at will. Understanding why love and loving always work. Are all different and concurrent ways we can truly live. The purpose of living is to discover what true living is all about...

Quotes – 2018

What’s The Original Sin?

The original sin is to limit the Is. Don't. - Richard Bach

we don't know

We attribute no intelligence or design to what's out there, whatever's outside us. We think we rock, and that we know what's going on. The opposite is more true. Our present reality is a network of deeply connected and pervasive consciousness. We don't know what's going on. And we won't until we admit our own ignorance and allow Universal Intelligence to guide us into greater Truth. Such guidance becomes more obvious as we get out of our own way. The first step is to admit that we don't know...