Quotes – 2018

What Is It That We Want Most? ’Tis Peace…

There can be no peace if you believe you need something before you can be at peace. - Gina Lake


We are all ultimately seeking peace, even if we call it by other names such as happiness, purpose or fulfillment. The good news is that we don't have to 'do' anything or 'get to' anyplace to experience peace. This is fabulous news indeed once we truly understand its import. Rejoice! And be at peace...

Quotes – 2018

How To Help Each Other…

Character defects are not where we're bad but where we're wounded. - Marianne Williamson

love deeply

What we see as deeply flawed people are simply emotionally wounded brothers and sisters. Will we love them nevertheless? What would an ever joyous and peaceful person do?

Quotes – 2018

Black, White or Truth?

The only thing in life that is black or white are those colors. - Gina Lake

yes, no?

The main reason we have strife in the world is because everyone thinks they're right. We as individuals, as religious and political groups, and as countries, we 'know' that we are right. Even events and experiences are either good or bad. There's often no middle ground. What's the truth here?