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Being Thankful For Who We Are…

That we are Life itself, is the greatest gift. NamasteNow!

life is us, a gift…

Aliveness. That’s who we are. This very sense of being alive is our essential nature. And that’s what we ought to be thankful for and to. This sense of Life has always been with us and will never depart, not even at the dissolution of our body. We think we’re the body, but we’re not it, we’re the sense of beingness, that aliveness, that is Life itself. Rejoice!!

Why Rest Easy And Love?

Be like a child in the lap of God. Mooji

rest easy and just love…

We play in the lap of God but know it not. We’re lost to ourselves; we wander about thinking that we’re alone and that we must fend for ourselves. We do all this to ourselves for purposes we don’t understand yet. Once we’ve played this game for long enough, we can simply choose to regain our place in reality. We’re safe, always protected, never in danger, eternal beings. We’re made of love, by love, to love, that’s the only real purpose we must discover…

Relax, God Has This Covered…

Whoever brought me home must take me home. Rumi


Think about it, if there’s a God, then it’s responsible, directly or indirectly, for everything that’s going on and exists. If we can buy this essential assumption then that’s it, we’re safe! We just have to relax back into the arms of our father, our mother, our creator. And we’ll be taken care of. All is well, nothing ever to worry about. So just relax, God has this covered…

What’s Our Daily Mission?

We need to love everybody, always. Bob Goff


We are to love every moment of our lives and everybody who shows up in front of us. Love is our mission and purpose. Ever in doubt about what to do? Just love. Now like never before in our planet’s history love is the only thing that’ll save us. Love for others and love for our planet. Now or never!

Why We Must Be Like Children…

He gently reminds us who we are. – Jesus (Bob Goff)

god’s children

We are God’s children. Plain and simple. Can we accept this Truth? Upon our acceptance Grace steps in. Next we (our ego) just need to step aside and let Him lead us. God’s plan is to guide us and everyone else into our best selves. And allow life itself to serve the highest good for everyone involved. We’re not able to judge the highest good from our small selfish perspective. We just need to become like children and play along!

Just. Be. Love.

Be. Afraid. Not. – Jesus (Bob Goff)

just love

Fear is when love is not. Feel afraid ever? Then just love. Love is the perfect antidote to fear. We truly have nothing to fear except fear itself. Let’s just be aware when fear arises. Then, push back not just yet, let it have its way and then gently allow love to replace it. Love is the answer to all the problems we as a planet face. Just. Be. Love.

What Does The Wave Want?

Can the wave direct itself? – Jesus (the way of mastery)

the ocean

We are waves in the great Ocean of Life. The Ocean supports us, nourishes us and takes care of us in every way. Waves think that they’re separate from the life giving Ocean. And because of that the waves are fearful and lonesome. They think they must take care of themselves. They compete and are violent just so that they can be safe. The waves live in temporary illusion. But can the wave ever stand alone?