Quotes – 2018

How To Process Fear…

The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them. - Alfred Hitchcock


Whether we admit it or not we're afraid. We're afraid of many things including death, or extinguishment. Alfred Hitchcock was indeed a master, he knew how to process his fears. And thus he points to how we can do the same. We must face our fears, we must allow them to come up and allow them to take us over. We just let it happen without resistance. When we do that we realize that all fear is really a damp squib, it's non-existent. And unless we face our fears they'll always lie waiting to pounce, attack us again and again...

Quotes – 2018

What’s The Present Moment?

There are no present moment thoughts. All thoughts are about the past and future, even ones about now. - Sandy Newbigging


The present moment is. But it isn't to us when we're thinking, any thoughts. It's not thoughts about what's going on. It's just what's going on. To enjoy it, actually to be it, we must just be, and be as though we're not.

Quotes – 2018

How To Escape Hell…

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. - Dante, Divine Comedy

this is it

We experience what could be hell when we suffer. What can we do to escape? Sometimes it takes the 'dark night', the very depths of hell itself before we give up all semblance of control and plunge into the blackness. And then the very first ray of the dawn Sun arrives without much aplomb. That's the beginning of the end of despair...