Quotes – 2018

Why Worry At All?

You're altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God. - ACIM

don't worry, just be happy

We have zilch to worry about. Why? Because we're an irreplaceable, unique and infinite thought in the mind of God. Any time we feel anxious or worry, we should just remind self: Where are we truly situated? Has God misplaced us?

Quotes – 2018

Why Christmas?

Peace with God, peace with others and peace in your own heart. - Rick Warren

for peace

We all seek peace. Let's make it our top goal this Christmas and for 2019! 'Fear not' said Jesus, peace be with you...

Quotes – 2018

Why Resist What Is?

All thinking, any thought, is resisting 'what is'. - www.NamasteNow.com

what is

Think about this quote. Actually, no, don't think about it. Just be, let things be, relax into 'What is'. Thoughts are about the past, present or the future. They always take us away from 'now', from 'what is'. Even thoughts about the present do the same thing. Are thoughts desirable?