Quotes – 2017

What Work Is Best?

Love is the work. And the only work is love. - Mahayana Buddhist Tradition


It’s all about love. It’s the very basis of reality, the only thing that matters.


Today I AM loving as though it’s my last day to live.

Quotes – 2017

How To Pray…

Forget the things you think you need of the world and come with wholly empty hands unto your God. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

true prayer

God know us better than we know ourselves. We just need to show up in his presence. If we allow it, he takes over from there.


Today I AM making myself available to God.

Quotes – 2017

What Are We?

Our thoughts remove us from what is. –  www.NamasteNow.com

pure awareness

We are the pure awareness that experiences thoughts. We are not the thoughts/mind where we spend our entire waking life. Thoughts are necessary when we must plan or act. But they’re not a requirement otherwise, in fact every other time they take away from our innate peace and joy.


Today I AM that which just is. Simply pure awareness.