Quotes – 2017

What Is Awakening?

So close you can’t see it.

So subtle your mind can’t understand it.

So simple you can’t believe it.

So good you can’t accept it.

- From the Shangpa Kagyu Buddhist Tradition

awake awareness

It’s something we’ve all experienced but can’t quite put our finger on. It’s there for us to enjoy and take advantage of. When will we rise above the maze our thinking has created?


Today I AM awake and in full awareness.

Quotes – 2017

Why Now?

Attention has no past. Attention has no future. Attention is always in the now. And now is the Life!. - V. Ganesan

when else?

Let’s be fully present here, and now. With our full attention on our being, there remains no difference between the attention and the being. They are one. It’s who we are. Arrive there and just stay.


Today my attention is on my being. I AM.

Quotes – 2017

Why Wake Up?

The Universe (Reality) is knowable only when we wake up.www.NamasteNow.com


We can experience ‘Reality’, that which truly is, only when we awaken from the dreamlike stupor we live in on a daily basis.


Today I AM waking up!