Quotes – 2017

How To Be Super Peaceful!

Today we will attempt to offer peace to everyone and see how quickly peace returns to us. - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)


This is a literal law, ‘What we give we receive back’. What we teach i.e. demonstrate in our behavior is what we experience in our lives.


Today I AM peace and love and that’s what I ‘give’ to the ‘other’…

Quotes – 2017

What’s The Best Business?

If we know God, our real business on earth is so to live as to permit the Father to reveal himself in our lives... - The Urantia Papers (132:7.2)

business of love

The best business we can be in is to work at the behest of the Creator. And her business is everything to do with love and its extension.


Today I AM love and that’s all I see anywhere.

Quotes – 2017

How To Escape Unwelcome Thoughts…

If we leave thoughts and feelings alone, they will leave us alone. - Rupert Spira

just watch them

If we can become aware of ‘our’ thoughts and feelings then we can distance our self from them. Leave them alone, they’re not us.


Today I AM leaving my unwelcome thoughts alone by just watching them.