Quotes – 2017

How To Experience ‘Now’…

When we create not thoughts, we arrive at this moment, now. –  www.NamasteNow.com

think not

We arrive at a natural stillness of being when thoughts cease. It’s then peaceful, calm and an inner-joy bubbles over making us want to stay right there, right now…


Today I AM just being, thoughts aren’t necessary…

Quotes – 2017

Why Expect Anything From Others?

Who would you be without the thought “People should realize and appreciate what I do for them”? –  Byron Katie


We want others to acknowledge us, we want them to appreciate us and we want them to reciprocate. Isn’t that a recipe for suffering? Can ‘others’ ever deliver? What’s wrong with this story?


Today I AM complete. I AM loving what is.

Quotes – 2017

Why Do We Judge Self?

Who would we be without our self-judgments? –  Byron Katie


We would be peaceful. Peace comes when we stop warring with our own thoughts and self-concepts that we’ve made up.


Today I AM just being who I AM.