Quotes – 2015

How To Understand Others…

It’s interesting to consider that when you disagree with someone, the person you are disagreeing with is every bit as certain of his or her position as you are of yours. - Richard Carlson

don’t argue

What if we tried to understand the other, instead of arguing our point-of-view? Are we always right? What if we are? Aren’t relationships more important?


Today I AM listening and understanding. I seek to deepen my relationships with others…

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Quotes – 2015

How Magic Happens…

Lo and behold, before your very eyes, and all around you, is a reflection of what lies within. - Mike Dooley


We’re creators, along with God. We create our own lives and circumstances. There’s a higher purpose to why things happen the way they do. Have faith and rejoice!


Today I AM rejoicing. Life is good! All is well! Thank you!

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Quotes – 2015

Why It’s Possible…

I have my own will power. It is possible… - Vijayan a Tea Seller

it’s possible!

The following quotes from this video say it all. We can achieve whatever will truly fulfill us. What is it that’ll fulfill us?

“We have our own time, a time granted by the almighty.”

“I want to see this world! This is my desire, my only desire!”

“I want self-satisfaction, this is the only concept I hold on to.”

“If money is our only concern, we will not be able to do anything.”


Today I AM clear about what I really want! I AM going after it! The Divine family will assist me in getting there…

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