Quotes – 2012

How To Be Free…

Where is your past when you're not thinking it into existence? - Adyashanti


Time, is made up, all in our minds. It's a conceptual framework. Without thought the past is non-existent. Without thought we're free. Consider that...

Quotes – 2012

Mission Possible! Who Are We?

Your goal is to find out who you are. - A Course in Miracles

Mission possible

That's our goal and that's the quest we're on, already. When we seek happiness, we're seeking our core reality, i.e. God. When we seek to be fulfilled we're seeking 'All That Is', nothing less.

Quotes – 2012

Why Just Sit?

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits. - Satchel Paige


Just sitting, doing nothing, thinking nothing, just being...