Quotes – 2012

What Is The Now?

The past is a mirage. The future never arrives. Now is all we ever have. –  www.NamasteNow.com

nothing else

If we go looking for the past we can never find it except in our minds. The future also resides in our mind. Its built of thoughts that are recycled. So the future is even more meaningless than the past. All we ever have is the experience of being. Being here and now. There’s nothing else, there never was…


Today here I AM, I AM here, now…

Quotes – 2012

How To ‘Fix’ Others…

‘Fix’ not the other; love them instead. –  www.NamasteNow.com


We’re asked to love, love like there’s no tomorrow. Love like there’s only Now. Such love takes care of everything. We have nothing left to ‘do’…


Today I AM loving, Now I AM loving…

Quotes – 2012

How To Find Truth…

Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door. - Vernon Howard


Brutal honesty with self is the key to enlightenment. This is the way we come face-to-face with our ego who we think is us.


Today I AM honest with self.  I AM not my thoughts. I AM the thinker.

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