Quotes – 2012

Worried? Then Heed This Fact…

The great spirit is everywhere; He hears whatever is in our minds and hearts. - Lakota Black Elk

the great spirit

We are an integral part of 'the great spirit'. There is nothing else. Herein lies release from all fear and disquiet. We can relax, all is well and life is good!

Quotes – 2012

Feeling Alone? Then Remember This…

All over the sky a sacred voice is calling your name. - Lakota Black Elk

intimate oneness

We're intimately connected to what we call 'Nature', it's not different from us, we're it. And because we experience illusory separateness we can't easily hear what it says to us. All parts call each other back into oneness, are we listening? Are we heeding the call?

Quotes – 2012

Stressed? Then Do This…

Dolce far ninente! - old Italian saying

sweet idleness

The sweetness of doing nothing! Doing nothing. No doing, just being. Being with self and being ok with it. No guilt about anything. Just being...