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Why Fear Anything At All?

There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. There is nothing to be feared. a course in miracles

here, everywhere, love

The ever-present substance of reality, this, that, here and there, is God. Never are we not with God. Because we’re lost in our egoic-thought-structure, we’re disconnected from this now-present Truth. ‘There is nothing be feared’.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

The Only Thing We’ll Ever Need…

All you need you have. a course in miracles

all here, now

We don’t lack a thing. We think we’re missing something, a most valuable possession. And we go around looking for it endlessly. In other people, and in innumerable things. And we’re still not satisfied. We never will be, until we decide to look where we’ve never thought of looking. Right where we are, and within. All we ever need, we already are. We don’t experience it because we never pay attention to self. We don’t lack a thing.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

How To Truly Forgive…

Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. a course in miracles

real forgiveness

Someone hurts us in some manner. We then might forgive them for what they’ve done to us. That’s not real forgiveness according to A Course in Miracles. That’s because by forgiving someone we’re saying that there’s something to forgive. A Course in Miracles informs us that we’re dreaming our current ‘reality’. And if that’s the case then the ‘sin’ committed by our brother-in-dream never actually happened. Recognizing that it never occurred is true forgiveness.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

What Am I Doing Here?

What I look on is my state of mind, reflected outward. a course in miracles

what i see

What I see and experience is the direct result of my creative mind, the mind which is an offspring of the Divine Mind. This segment of the mind has chosen to express itself as me in this slice of time and space. Why this is so and to what end is debatable. Nevertheless we’re an expression of the divine that is out on its own. Because we’ve somehow chosen to be here and as us, it’s up to us to choose to go back to the Godhead.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles

Why Is Love Always The Answer?

Fear can never enter in a mind that has attached itself to love. a course in miracles

love is the answer

Fear is our only adversary. It’s the reason we’re never at ease, why we stress, why strife and suffering is rampant everywhere we look. And the only antidote to fear is perfect love. Whenever we can identify with and become love we’re above the entire illusory fray that the world is.

[series] Soul stirring quotes from A Course in Miracles