BeZenDo Revisited!

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. - Keri Russell

the art & science of change!

We’ve covered a lot to ideas and techniques during this whole change series! The entire list is provided below… There is a science we must follow as well as an art that ought to be considered whenever we want to change. I’ve attempted to share just that with you. Sometimes all we need to do is just decide to change!

Are you ready to make that change!?

1. How Do I Fix It?: Started with the question on how can one change permanently?

2. Be Zen Do!: The guiding principle…

3. What Needs To Change?: What must change?

4. How To Become More Aware: Becoming more aware…

5. Making Time For The Important Stuff!: Need to make time for all this change stuff!

6. What’s Our ‘Immunity To Change’?: How we live undiscovered assumptions

7. How To Lose Weight!: Using several ‘influencers’ to change…

8. How To Cement Change…: How meditation fits in…

9. How to Affirm Our Way To Change: Why affirmations are essential!

10. How And Why Visualization Works: Why Visualization is an indispensable tool!

11. How To Program Self…: Ways to further succeed in our change efforts!

12. Three Minds And A Habit: Why we must involve our complete being when attempting to change…  

be~zen~do revisited

This guiding principle is an easy to remember mantra and here I’ve listed the essential elements that make up Be Zen Do!

Be –> Vision|Become aware of self and goals|Awareness

Be <—> Do Preparation|Understand what needs to change and how|Transformation

Do <—> Be Creation|Evaluate what was done and its impact|Action

  Daily Affirmation: Today I AM my own master. Recommendation: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes Living the Science of MindKindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6

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[…] We’re creatures of habit. All our habits spring from the realm of thought and energy which is why they’re so hard to unseat! […]


[…] The ‘way’ we do our job, play our roles as a child, sibling, spouse or parent appears to be more important. The ‘way’ we show up as a human being, as a student, a worker and as a world citizen seems more crucial. Being must come first. Being must come from our core values and from our high ideals. Being must also come from our aspirations and hopes. Then what follows, the doing, will be of even greater value! More here: BeZenDo Revisited! […]

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