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The Comfort Zone!

In the heating and air conditioning trade, the point on the thermostat in which neither heating nor cooling must operate – around 72 degrees – is called “The Comfort Zone.” It’s also know as the “The Dead Zone.”Russell Bishop

Now we know where the concept of ‘The Comfort Zone’ came from! It’s actually quite appropriate that it’s also referred to as ‘The Dead Zone’. It’s the zone in which we can’t really grow. We just cruise along and soon enough we’re not happy with ourselves, our lives and the world!

So when that happens to you, look within and try to figure out how much of your life’s being lived in the dreaded comfort zone!

Awareness is always the first step, action comes next, the being must come first only then can the doing be appropriate and effective.

First Be then Do!

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Experience the sun!

If you want a place in the sun, you must leave the shade of the family tree.Osage Saying

We make subtle agreements with ourselves about everything in life, here are some examples:

  1. I’m smart but not creative.
  2. I can give but others don’t give to me.
  3. My health is poorer now because I’ve crossed this age.
  4. No one really understands me.

What agreements have you made with yourself?

To free yourself, to see yourself as others might see you, and to start to see yourself as God sees you, we must examine all such agreements we make with life.

  • Only then do we have a chance to get away from the shade we grew up under.
  • Only then can we find a place in the Sun.
  • Only then can we awaken to the life we’re truly meant to live!

Examine your assumptions, then step out of the box!

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Discover what’s beyond…

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.Alan Alda

How do you get in touch with your creative self? One way to do it is to allow your intuition a wilder run inside you. That becomes more likely when your mind is not cluttered with your everyday thoughts, constantly.

Imagine a mind where you’re at peace with yourself and the world, there’s nothing you’re dying to obtain and no agendas. In this peaceful state when you apply your being to an objective, the results can be spectacular. Especially so if you’ve gone beyond the reaches of your ‘normal’ self and taken some risks. In such a fertile environment your intuition becomes clearer and is readily at hand! You can then create, you can then be truly creative! Don’t you want that?

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Security and opportunity…

There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.General Douglas Macarthur

Ultimate security, of the spiritual kind,  can be had. Material security just isn’t possible because our body has to perish sooner or later…

Opportunity abounds, if we only look and act. Interestingly those whose life is about to be cut short, witness Randy Pausch’s life, appear to make most of opportunities available to them!

Why is that?

How come the rest of us, who seem to think we live forever, often ignore opportunities even when such opportunities land in front of us!?

  • How can we not miss such opportunities?
  • How can we live secure lives and still jump at opportunities as though we had less than a year to live?
  • When will we truly value what we have, in us and around us?

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Banish doubts…

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.Shakespeare

Once we get used to watching where our thoughts spring from next steps can be:

  • Becoming aware of how we get enmeshed in each thought process. When we’re involved in them we’re not being conscious of that activity. When we become aware then that act in itself, helps us distance ourselves from the thought. We notice that we are having these thoughts, we are not the thoughts. This distinction is crucial for our peace of mind.
  • Next notice the quality of these thoughts. Are they the spirit enhancing kind or the opposite? Ferret out thoughts of fear and of doubts. Consciously bring up pleasing thoughts instead or just watch them disappear if you don’t get involved in them and just become aware of them instead.

Both activities above are enhanced by meditation, just 5 minutes twice a day helps! Check out some exercises here. Won’t you do that for yourself?

Banish your doubts, be less fearful and forge ahead!!

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Take back your life

Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.Michael Pritchard

Which is why we want to keep most fear at an arm’s length! The more negatives we develop, the more they affect our lives today and tomorrow. Thoughts make things, bad thoughts make bad things more likely in our lives. And that is a major reason why things happen the way they do in our daily lives.

Meditation practiced regularly allows us to be more aware of our thoughts as they occur, that in turn can help us control them. Remember the thoughts you have, are your thoughts, you control them, thoughts shouldn’t be controlling you.

Take back your life by being the conscious creator of your thoughts.

Recommendation: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Arise out of fear!

To him who is in fear, everything rustles.Sophocles

  • How many fears are you harboring in your life?
  • How many of these fears are actually conscious ones? How many lie deeper still?
  • What do these fears cost you, your life and family?
  • How would your life be if you were calm, peaceful, at-ease and fearless!?
  • When do you plan to answer some of these questions for yourself?

Meditation Tip #3:

Start with Tip #2 and then once you feel settled let yourself relax even further. Now connect with your inner self by consciously putting your attention on your heart. You’ll notice that your attention so far had been inside your head and now can shift, if you let it.

Notice all thoughts as they arise. Just notice them, do not attach to them. As soon as you notice that you’ve attached to a particular thought and followed it, because that will happen, let go, and just be. Now notice the next thought that soon arises. At first this will happen a lot, over time though your mind will settle down, bit by bit.

The key is practice and regularity.

Can you invest just 10 minutes morning and evening, in this practice, for your own greatest benefit?

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